Coronavirus Update


As of FRIDAY 20TH MARCH we will be suspending all Church activities until further notice.

The advice from the BUGB was updated on the 17th March and their recommendation is as follows:

 “People should avoid meeting together wherever possible and this will have an impact on meeting on Sunday and at other times during the week. Sunday services should not now take place and the move to online meetings, wherever possible, will need to be developed. 

 In light of this advice, we are closing Ross Baptist Church until further notice

  • We will continue to remind people who are ill to stay at home in order to recover.
  • Elders, visitors, and our Pastoral Care Ministry Lead [Dave Berry] will give special attention to those who are elderly, ill, and unable to get out and around easily and who have limited resources. Those visiting will take all necessary precautions in personal hygiene before and after pastoral visits in hospitals and homes.
  • We will give special thought to reassuring and educating children and those who might be especially anxious at this time and help them understand how to think about what they hear and see.
  • We will update our church website and our Facebook pages to show the latest information about services and contact information, and will keep those of you without internet service up to date via post.
  • From Sunday 22nd March sermons will be recorded and placed on facebook as well as the church website. Over the next few weeks we will develop our services to bring you ideas for worshipping at home and other bible reading activities. We are also developing services for young people to use at home.
  • We will continue to communicate clearly, calmly and factually.
  • We will remain in contact with those who may be vulnerable or quarantined to ensure that they have their spiritual, social and physical needs attended to. While electronic communication is useful for disseminating information at once to a large group, the telephone is still the best way to keep in touch with people pastorally who may be feeling isolated. Ensuring that those who are sick or isolated for any reason have the things that they need is also an important act of pastoral care.
  • The church office will now be closed.You can email if you need help or assistance or a friendly chat. The office phone will be manned Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9am – 12 noon. You can leave a message any other time and it will be picked up on one of those days.
  • We encourage everyone to Look out for your neighbours and encourage other members of the Church to do the same.
  • If you would like to volunteer your time please do so via the Ross CDT:
  • If you need help with shopping please contact Ross CDT
  • If you would like to volunteer via the Church please contact Dave Berry 07711 067807


If you need specific help please contact the Church office  /  01989 566966