Children & Families – During Social Isolation

Kingdom Club
A group for years 1 to 6
Monday evenings during term time
3.45pm – 4.30pm
Meeting at The Venue, Hill Street
We start off the session with a snack, followed by a few games before we introduce our theme for the evening. The sessions always have a Bible story or Bible truth at their heart and all activities relate to the theme whether these are videos, crafts, puzzles, code-breaking tasks, cooking, science experiments – you name it, we attempt it!
Why don’t you come along and join us if you are free on Monday evenings? We would love to welcome you.
For more details contact us / 07384 593729

Resources for this week’s Kingdom Club are:

  1. Fruit of the Spirit activity sheet
  2. Show Kindness Skittles Game
  3. Kindness crafts

Click HERE to view this week’s video – Kindness

Kingdom Crew
A group for years 1 to 6
Sunday mornings
11am – 11.45am
We meet via Zoom (login details by email,


Kingdom Crew continues to meet every Sunday via Zoom and this month we are continuing to explore the life of the Old Testament character, Moses and also begin to look into the call and life of Samuel. Each session begins with a game and includes items from a range of activities but always a terrific craft!
You will all have received an envelope full of all the resources you need to engage with the planned activities either on screen or in your own time. Resources can be found below each week if you would like to download them for yourselves.

Resources for this weeks Kingdom Crew:

  1. God’s people wandered in the wilderness wordsearch
  2. Honesty puzzle
  3. Moses Manna & Quail to Eat! Worksheet
  4. Click HERE for the 10 Commandments game

Click HERE to watch this weeks video – A Long Journey – through the wilderness

Check out our YouTube channel called Ross kingdom channel for videos giving Bible stories and truths in an interactive way. There are new videos every week, so why not log in, subscribe and enjoy?
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