Weekend Youth

We meet twice a month. This is a time to get together, cement friendships and have some fun. The activities we do vary from bike rides, walks, games nights to bowling. Ideas come from the youth and the youth leadership team. Suitable for year 7+.


Saturday 23rd October
At Ross Baptist Church
at 7pm

You will go to various rooms to complete the task. The task will allow you to look at cards giving you clues to identify the guilty person and the weapon they used. Some tasks are active games, some are more thoughtful, others are more technical.

Drinks and snacks will be available. If you can, please wear one colour as this will make it more fun (eg red shorts and a red t-shirt/ blue tracksuit bottoms and a blue t-shirt). We will end at 9pm.

Saturday 6th November
At Ross Baptist Church
at 7pm – 9pm
Various games plus pizza. A winning combination for a fun evening.

Contact Pete for more information
07305 185093 / pete@rossbaptist.org