About Us
Ross Baptist Church wants to serve God and the local community.

The main church building is situated in the centre of the town where a number of activities and services take place, but we believe the ministry of the church continues whether we are at home, at work or in our local community.


Our vision is: ‘To be a Christ-centred community’

Our values are: ‘To be a community of Faith, Hope and Love’


The church is evangelical, and committed to making the historic teachings of the Christian faith relevant to our ever changing world.

To find out more about Christianity take a look at the rejesus website. Although probably most people think of believer’s baptism as the distinguishing feature of Baptists, we are not the only Christians to practise it.

Nor are we the only Christians to believe in congregational church government, the priesthood of all believers, or the separation of church and state. But it is the combination of these various beliefs which make Baptists distinctive.

Though there are many with a Baptist background in the church, the church also contains a large number of people with other denominational backgrounds and from all parts of the theological spectrum.

Why not come along to one of our services and meet the rest of the church? If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.